Lincoln Land 
    Baptist Church
Lincoln Land Baptist Church is an Independent, Bible-believing Baptist church.

It was started in August, 1965. From that time, the church has endeavored to win people to Christ, to
disciple Christians in following Christ and learning His Word, and to help send forth missionaries
through-out the world. This is the purpose of the church.

The church has a nursery for infants through 4 years of age for all the services during the
week. Our competent nursery staff cares for these little ones. The church has an active children ministry on Sunday morning.  Classes for children are held each Wednesday night known as the Know Your Bible Club.  Teens attend the Adult Sunday School class and teen classes once or twice a month.  Periodic youth activities are scheduled for them.  The teens also attend Camp Joy in Whitewater, Wisconsin during Teen Week in the summer. 

We thank the Lord for the teens in our church. Through the years, some of our teens have attended
Bible college including schools like Bob Jones University, Liberty University, Maranatha Baptist Bible College, and Pensacola Christian College. Those decisions are made by the students and their parents, not by the Pastor. 

The church presently supports 22 missionary families that are sharing the Gospel across the
world. It has also assisted a number of churches and pastors in the Philippines in their ministries.
The book printing ministry of the church has freely distributed books written by Dr.Mattoon to over
1800 pastors in the Philippine islands in order to help them in their studies of God’s Word and
preaching. Bible commentaries are a huge need of foreign pastors in poor countries. The church has
endeavored to meet this need through the book printing ministry.

Church services are held on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. They
are usually under an hour in length and are characterized by conservative Christian music and Bible
preaching. Dr. Mattoon is an expository preacher which means he preaches verse-by-verse or
chapter-by-chapter through books of the Bible. To date, he has preached through 57 books of the
Bible. A number of sermons have been put online on You Tube  where people around the globe can listen to them. Some of them have been video-taped. 

You will find that the people of the church are very friendly. There is a great spirit and
attitude in the church. If you are looking for a church home and are serious about learning the Bible,
you will be right at home in our church. 
If what we have described is of interest to you, we hope that
you will come and visit with us.

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