This first volume of John contains 352 pages that cover chapters 1-10. Some of the chapter titles include:

     ~ The Day the Water Blushed    ~Miracle at a Swimming Hole
     ~The Thirst Quencher              ~ Nick at Night 
                                                   ~ Meeting Jesus at a Fork in the Road

 Romans is a great doctrinal book in the Bible. This volume contains 44 chapters with 538 pages of material. Some of the chapter titles include:

  ~What Goes Around, Comes Around                            ~Tripping Over the Stumbling Stone
  ~ How to Back Your Life into a Corner         ~Why we Fall and go Boom
  ~ A Soft Pillow for a Tired Heart                                 ~The Chemistry of Ministry
  ~ How to be a Non-Conformist in a Carnal Society       ~The View of You

     Philippians contains 317 pages of verse-by-verse material. 
Some of the material found in the 19 chapters of the book include:

     ~Triumph through Trials                        ~Pressing for the Prize 
    ~ Safeguards for Saints                           ~ Living Straight in a Crooked World 
    ~ How to Get Victory over Vanity 

Treasures From Scripture
The New Testament

The second volume of John contains 412 pages that cover chapters 11-21. There are 45 chapters in the book. Some of the titles include:

   ~Dealing with Divine Delays             ~ Looking to the Cross when Double-Crossed
   ~Gifts that Money Can’t Buy            ~The Restoration of a Failure
   ~ Quivering, but not Quitting           ~ The Mummy Lives!

James is a 362 page commentary on the book of James. 
This is a very practical book. 

Included in this verse by verse exposition            Some of the chapter titles are:
 are special studies on topics like: 

~Backsliding            ~Reputation                             ~The Sin of Snobby Saints
~Endurance              ~Selfishness                              ~Worthy Wits in a Withering World 
~Forgetfulness         ~Stability                                  ~The Disposal of our Proposals
~Protecting God’s   ~The Will of God                    ~The Element of Endurance

Revelation is tied in with currents events of today. Chapters which contain information on preparations for the Jewish Temple, 666, the Battle of Armageddon, the Signs of the Second Coming, and the Russian Invasion of Israel in Ezekiel 38, the Ashes of the Red Heifer, and Babylon I believe are very interesting. 

 This prophetical book has 453 pages of study material. There are 31 chapters that cover the entire book of Revelation. The book is written with a pre-millennial, pre-tribulation viewpoint. 

Luke Volume 3- Has 19 chapters with 337 pages. It also contains 88 sermon illustrations which are listed in the back at the Illustration Index: This volume covers chapters 10-12. Listed below are some of the topics studied.

~ Tolerance                                            ~Presumption
~Busy but Not Blessed                             ~ Don't throw Away Your Opportunities
~Pointers about Panic at the Peak           ~The Rudiments for Rapture Readiness
~A House Divided Cannot Stand             ~To Whom Much is Given Much is Required
~Dealing with Corruption                       ~ The Cross is Offensive
~A Study on Persistence                         ~ Insights on Self Control 
Luke Volume 2- Covers chapters 7-9. 
There is an abundant of sermon illustrations. This volume has 371 pages. 
Listed below are some of the chapter titles.

 ~Concepts from a Covered Candle      ~The Conversion of a Hopeless Case
            ~The Audacity of Adamant Faith              ~The Struggle with Shame
            ~Procrastination                                      ~Keep the Fire Burning
            ~Lessons from the Leftovers                     ~A Chat with the Past about the Future
            ~Gains that Lead to Losses                      ~Distractions and Difficulties for Disciples
Luke Volume 1- Provides a wealth of information about the Lord Jesus Christ and the historical background and customs during the time of His birth. It also addresses important principles about having credibility in your life, yielding your will to the Lord, standing for Christ and self examination. Contains 26 chapters and 410 pages.Listed below are some of the topics.

    ~ From Mountain Peaks to the Edge of a Cliff    ~Four Pillars with Flimsy Footings
    ~The Shadow of Your Actions                            ~Hope for your Hassles
    ~When was Jesus Born?                                     ~A Battle of Wills
Luke Volume 4- Has 18 chapters with 336 pages. Covers chapters 13-17. This book has 21 Word Portraits. These features preach a message from a portion or phrase of a verse with descriptive words that add color to your sermons. 
Listed below are some of the topics.

                  ~ The Shepherd, the Fox & the Baby Chicks    ~The Three Stooges 
                ~Savory Saints ~How to Live High on the  Hog to Living with the Hogs

Word Portraits include the following Topics:
~The Name of Jesus ~Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace ~He Cannot be Hid
Luke Volume 5- Covers chapters 18-21. 
Chapter 21 deals with Bible prophecy and current events. The message on 
"The Dash Between the Dates: Your Legacy" is extremely important. 
The book has 329 pages. Listed below are some of the topics.

                 ~ Occupy Till I Come                     ~What Makes You Cry?
                 ~Who Gave You the Right?            ~The Scheme to Shackle the Savior
                 ~A Glimpse at the Future               ~ Jesus Opens a Can of Worms

Word Portraits include the following Topics:
~He Must Increase ~By His Stripes We are Healed~We Should Follow in His Steps
Luke Volume 6- Covers chapters 22-24 and has 317 pages. This volume provides material that covers the events leading up to the Crucifixion, The Crucifixion of Christ and His Resurrection. 
Listed below are some of the topics and material included.

                ~The Last Supper                                    ~The Feud to Be the First
                ~Passing the Buck in Kangaroo Court       ~Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
                ~Catch you Later                                     ~I Just Can't Believe It

Word Portraits include the following Topics:
~Jesus, the Epitome of Greatness ~He is Not Here! He is Risen ~There is None Like It
     II Corinthians Volume 1 -is a practical book which yields great truths for Christian living. Covered in this volume are important principles about the purpose of our trials, the ministry of every believer, the importance of your Christian testimony, and how to get your life straightened out if you have messed it up. It contains 302 pages of rich study material and insights.

~How do you Restore Someone?    ~A Closet with No Skeletons
~The Rigors of Restoration            ~ Treasures in Cracked Pots
~Living with One Eye on Eternity  ~ How Does the Lord Comfort Us when we are Depressed
~Insights on Biblical Separation    ~What are Elements of Renewal or Revival? 

     II Corinthians Volume 2- Covers chapters 8-13 and contains 286 pages. It is filled with practical insights for Christian living, conflicts we face as Christians. The character that is needed to serve God. 
Cautions we need to heed and much more. 

Some of the Chapter Titles:         Some of the Studies contained in this volume:
~Begging to be a Blessing              ~Integrity
~Finish What You Start                ~The Characteristics of a Cult
~The Thorns of a Rosy Life          ~How to Change Your Attitude for the Better
~High Noon at Corinth                ~Bible Insights on Enthusiasm 

Peter has 359 pages. The book is packed with material that will be encouraging for people who are suffering or going through trials. 
Listed below are some of the chapter titles:

~ Glass House Living                                                 ~The Weapon of a Committed Mind
~Jewels for a Joyous Marriage                                    ~Pep Talk for the Persecuted    
~Fantastic Facts for the Foreigners of Heaven             ~The Portrait of a Pastor

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