Dr. Mattoon was saved at the age of 15 in August of 1971, on a mission trip to 
   Camp of the Woods near Dryden, Ontario, CANADA. 
   He was not only saved on this trip, but also surrendered to the ministry the night he was saved.

He became active in his home church, Calvary Baptist Church, Normal, Illinois, 
   where he was trained in aspects of the ministry by Dr. Ron Allen, 
   Dr. Arno Weniger Jr.,  and Dr. Greg McLaughlin.  Dr. Mattoon has been preaching 
   since the age of sixteen. His first message was preached on April 7th, 1972, where he 
   preached on  "The Tick of Time" from 2 Corinthians 6:2.  

Rod attended the beginning years of Hyles-Anderson College from 1973-1977.  
   It was there he met his wife Linda.  They were married in 1977 and have seven wonderful kids.   
   In college he also met many good  friends, including his dear professor friend, Dr. J. Arnold Fair.  
   He graduated with honors from the  college in 1977.  He went on to earn  his Doctor of Ministry 
degree from  Bethany Theological Seminary in Dothan, Alabama.

In Texas, he served as an assistant pastor in two churches and took his first senior pastorate at 
Emmanuel Baptist Church  in Jacksonville.  He has been the pastor of 
Lincoln Land Baptist Church in Springfield, Illinois, since 1991.  
   The emphasis of his ministry at Lincoln Land has been evangelistic, expository Bible preaching.  
There are 65,000  homes in the city of Springfield and the church has been able to get the 
Gospel to every home twice.  Dr. Mattoon's Gospel tract, With Much Love, has been distributed to 65,000
   homes in Springfield.  In the twenty-seven years at Lincoln Land, he has to date preached 
verse-by-verse through  58 books of the Bible. 

The book ministry began in 1999.  To date, 85 books have been written.  
They are being used in over 215 Bible colleges and  institutes across the world and by 33,000 preachers.  
They are also being sent to prison libraries for inmates to check out.  

Treasures From Scripture
Pastor & Author 
Dr. Rod Mattoon
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  Introducing Treasures from Scripture ~ A Ministry of Lincoln Land Baptist Church 
Features of these Books"

*These commentaries are being used by over 33,000  Pastors and 215 Bible Schools and colleges.
*All books are printed in beautiful, top quality, hard-back covers with strong binding for durability.
*They are expositional, verse-by-verse messages with an emphasis on practical applications for daily living.
*The outlines are alliterated which aid in the presentation of the material.
*They are filled with sermon illustrations pertaining to the Bible text and also have an illustration index in the back.
*The studies also contain interesting, easy to understand word studies from the Greek and Hebrew language.
*The material is easy to read and understand.  Teenagers have used them in their study of Scripture.
*The books also contain topical and character trait studies that pertain to the passage.
*Every book has a subject index at the back for finding information quickly.
*The books are based on the 1769 King James Version of the Bible. 

​Dr. Mattoon has been preaching since 1972. He spends an average of 20 to 25 hours per week studying the Word of God.  
In Bible College and seminary, he majored in Bible and has minored in Christian counseling. Much of the material in the books can be used in counseling people with their problems. The books are very practical. They contain historical information 
and Bible customs that will help to enrich your teaching or preaching and make it interesting and informative.  
If you have difficulty finding time to study, these books will help in a huge way.