Psalms Volume 1 covers some of the well-known psalms in the Bible. This first volume has in-depth studies on chapters 1,3,8,10,14,15,16,19,23,27. It contains 306 pages of rich material. Some of the chapter titles include:

~ Floating Between Faith and Fear           ~ Nuggets from the Golden Psalm
~ How to Prevent the Ruin of Your Life      ~ How to Keep Your Cool when Your Conflicts get Hot
~ The Pearl of the Psalms                              ~ The Stench from Foolish Living

     II Samuel Volume 2 has 54 chapters and 393 pages of research. It contains some important special studies which include:

                               ~ Concepts on Communication       ~ A Study on "Defeat"
                               ~ Zeal                                                   ~ Concepts on Cleanness
                               ~The Purpose of Adversity              ~ A Study on "Victory"
Some of the chapter titles include:
~ Worshiping God in the Minor Key            ~ It’s Never Right, to Do Wrong, in Order to Do Right
~ Cold Water on a Burning Heart                ~ When Chickens Come Home to Roost
~ Journey to a Garbage Dump                       ~ Broken by the Back Burner
~ The Great Straits from Crooked Living    ~ Making Mountains out of Molehills
Genesis contains 493 pages of expository notes. The book contains material and studies that you will not find in any other commentary on Genesis. 

Included in this study are 82 character trait studies based on Genesis. It also contains a wealth of material on Bible customs that pertain to the text. The book has proven to be very helpful to pastors and teachers alike. 
      Jonah containes 144 pages.    
It has some important special studies which include:

~ The Price for Running from God         ~ Hell in the Bible
~ Principles on Preparation                    ~ How do you Glorify the Lord with your Life?
~ The Will of God                                  ~ How to Turn Back to the Lord
      I Kings contains 400 pages of study material. Included in the verse by verse note are the following special studies.

            ~ Steps in Gaining an Understanding Heart           ~ Learning from Turning 
            ~ Lessons from a Cedar Tree                                      ~  How to Stand Alone for God    
            ~ Conditions for Successful and Failing Prayers

There are 53 chapters. Here are some of the chapter titles
~ The Track to Getting Sidetracked~ The Prince who Tooted His Own Horn
               ~ Pick Up the Baton!                                    ~ Concepts from Counterfeits   
               ~ Flopping at the Finish Line         ~ The Calamity of Counting Unhatched Chickens
      I Samuel Volume 1 has 596 pages with 74 chapters. 
Some of the chapter titles include:

~ The High Price of Getting Your Own Way        ~ The Pearls of our Irritations 
~ The Blessings from Brokenness                        ~ The Light at the End of the Tunnel
~ The Trauma of Turning Tables                       ~ When God Tries to Get Your Attention
~ The Frustration of Flying Fur                         ~ DeJavu, I’ve Been Here Before
~ Walking With Friends Through the Furnace    ~ The Flaws in Our Circled Wagons
~ Revival from the Ruins                                   ~ Suicide 
~ Euthanasia
  Exodus Volume 1 has 35 chapters, with 331 pages covering chapters 1-14. Some of the chapter titles include:

             ~ The Passover Lamb                       ~ God is Working Behind the Scenes
             ~ Lessons from a Desert University    ~ Let Someone Else Do It!
             ~ The Ruler and the Ribbits              ~ A Donkey’s Disposition
             ~ Life on the Zig Zag Trail              ~ How to Live in a Pickle
Exodus Volume 2 has 38 chapters, with 378 pages, covering chapters 15-34. Some of the chapter titles include:

    ~ Drinking at Bitter Wells                              ~ The Importance of the Tabernacle
    ~ When the Cat’s Away, the Mice will Play     ~ Back to the Drawing Board
    ~ Manna from Heaven                                  ~ Too Many Brands in the Fire
    ~ Live Long and Prosper

Numbers contains 560 pages of study material. The 51 chapters contain a alot of preaching material and topical studies. 
Some of the chapter titles include:

  ~ The Calamities from Complaining         ~ The Peril of Presumption 
  ~ A Study on Satisfaction                         ~ Taking the Stink out of a Smelly Life 
  ~ Spies in the Ointment 

Joshua has 303 pages of research with 22 chapters.
Listed below are some of the special studies:

    ~How to Control Your Tongue                           ~ The Causes of Instability
    ~ Dealing with Sin Problems                             ~ Examining Eternal Security
    ~ The Consequences of Getting Ahead of God    ~ 22 Reasons for Spiritual Failure 
    ~ Sincerity                                                        ~ What is Truly Beautiful? 

Judges has 400 pages of study material. The material on the life of Samson is especially rich. Listed below are some of the in-depth practical studies:

~ The Importance of Alertness                ~ A Biblical Response to Gambling 
~ The Blessings from Brokenness           ~ The Complications from Carelessness 
~ Winning the Feud with Frustration 
Ruth is a 192 page commentary on the book of Ruth. 
The special studies in this book make it very valuable for the busy pastor. 
Some of the studies included in the book are listed below.

~ Blessings from our Boundaries                    ~ Running on Empty 
~ Gleanings from Gossip and many more       ~ Bible Principles on Chastisement 
~ The Calm from Contentment 

Psalms Volume 2 covers more well-known chapters including chapters 32,37,42,46,51,57, 90,91,100,121. The Appendix has a 2007 Bible Prophecy update on the Middle East, Israel, Russia, and Iran.
Some of the chapter titles include:

~ Counsel for Conflicts and Complications   ~ How to Get the Monkey off Your Back
 ~ The Psalm of the Sand                                      ~ Is Your Heart Fixed?  
 ~ The Lord will Take Care of Your Bullies     ~ Lessons from Looking Back
 ~ How to Get Up when You’ve Fallen Down

Hosea contains 415 pages of material. The 18 chapters in the book are rich in practical insights for the Christian today.
 Listed below are a few titles of the book:

           ~ The Mending of a Broken Marriage           ~ The Path to the Woodshed             
           ~ The Fallacy of a Fickle Faith                      ~ Are You Wet Behind the Ears? 
           ~ The Divine Purpose of Smoking Plans &  Pulled Rugs 
Malachi has 175 pages of research. It has so many practical insights.
Listed below are some of the titles:

~ The Dilemma of Living in Denial and Deception      ~ Debating with Deity
~ Is the Lord Disgusted with You?                                    ~ The Curse of Your Blessings
~ Biblical Principles for Financial Blessings               ~ The Fallacy of Futility and Faithlessness
Treasures From Scripture
The Old Testament

Daniel-The first six chapters are practical & prophetical. These chapters are very interesting and generate excitement as we look forward to the return of Jesus Christ. This book has 350 pages of study material. 
Listed below are some of the topics found in this book.

~ A Study on Self Denial                        ~ Fervent Faith in a Fiery Furnace
~ An Incident of Imperial Insanity      ~ Life in the Lions' Den
~ Lions, Leopards & Bears, Oh My!    ~The Antichrist
~ Focusing on Faith                               ~ What Affects Your Countenance
~ How Does God Resist the Proud       ~ An Unwelcome Party Pooper
      Nehemiah is one of the premier books in the Bible on leadership. This book reveals how a great leader confronted a difficult task and difficult people with God's help and successfully completed what the Lord led him to do.  This 314 page book has a number of practical special studies that will aid you in your counseling and preaching. Listed below are some of the topics found. 

         ~ Responding to Bad News from Home     ~ How to Guard What God Has Done in Your Life 
         ~The Consequences of Guilt                        ~ How to Strengthen Yourself in the Lor
         ~ Be Teachable                                               ~ Commitments that will Change Your Life
         ~ Burnt Stones and Piles of Dust                ~ How to Get Up When You're Down in the Dumps
         ~ The Grit in Growing                                   ~ Taking the Bull by the Horns
Psalms Volume 3 covers the 119th Psalm. The notes will help you to add important material to your messages. It contains 343 pages. 
Listed below are some of the topics and chapter headings.

~ Keys to a Happy Life                                    ~ Coping with Conflicts from the Carnal
~ Principles for Peach in Problem Times    ~ Traits of the Servant of the Lord
~ Lord, Hold Me Up                                         ~ At the Cross
 ~ A Plea for Proper Priorities                       ~ Confidence in the Face of Intimidation
~ Seeing the Sweetness from Suffering        ~ The Sentiment of a Surrendered Heart
Provebers Volume 1- The topics have been organized, outlined, and illustrated into message form. The material is very practical and helpful not only for parents and single adults, but also for teenagers. The book also contains a Scripture index on each verse in Proverbs that we have offered notes and comments. 
There are over 375 pages of material and research. Listed below are some the topics.

~ Proverbs on Acceptance, Approval, or Favor    ~ What are 20 concepts that lead to failure?
~ What are the 9 snares found in Proverbs?           ~ What are the results of inattentiveness?
~ The Sentiment of a Surrendered Heart                 ~ Proverbs on Achievement, Goals, and Failure
~ Proverbs on Addictions, Bondage, Snares or Traps 
~ Proverbs on Afflictions, Trials, Trouble, or Suffering 
Proverbs Volume 2- The issues address are extremely practical and relevant for today. This book contains 357 pages.  Listed below are some of the topics.

         ~ Proverbs on Anger, Strife, Temper   ~ Proverbs on Annoyances or Irritations
         ~ Proverbs on Arrogance or Pride       ~ Proverbs on Avoidances and Association with others
         ~ Proverbs on Backsliding, Getting Sidetracked     

Esther contains 116 pages of material.
Listed below are some of the important special studies.

                ~ Anger                                  ~The Influence of Example
                ~Drunkenness                       ~God's Timing in History
                ~What is a Wise Man?       ~People in Perlious Predicaments
                ~Concepts on Counseling

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