Brother Mattoon, I am reading your book Treasures From Judges.  I am completely blessed by your writings.  Your outlines are excellent and the material is above reproach; the illustrations are well chosen.  I do pray that God's richest blessings will continue upon  you and your ministry.
Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor, Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dr. Mattoon has given to the Christian world a very practical, powerful, and prudent    filled book.  This book will serve as a text in Christian colleges and seminaries.  This book  is very readable for the common person who has no background in understanding Genesis.    This book is a goldmine for Sunday School teachers and Christian workers.               
Dr. J. Arnold Fair,  Pastor, Faith Baptist Church,  Angola, Indiana

This book is filled with what the title suggests, "Treasures".  It's not only a good commentary on Genesis, but also a great reference book on Old Testament customs and
   people.  A great book for topical seed sermons.  The quality of the book is excellent. Treasures From Judges is beautifully done.  It is practical, straight forward and even
   tackling some of today's more difficult issues.  Well done, Rod.
Dr. Greg McLaughlin, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church   Huntsville, Alabama

Treasures From Genesis by Dr. Rod Mattoon should be in the library of every young preacher. The outlines are excellent and provide a valuable source for sermon material.      
Dr. Sylvester Matthews

The pages of this book are packed with research and information that will feed any  pastor's people.  It is not hard to use and is very readable and useable.  It is first class
   in its publishing and layout.  It's structure is well thought out and the result is a book that  invites your attention.  The features most helpful to me are the illustrative charts, the
   alliterated outlines and the subject index in the back of the book.
 Mark Thrift,  Houston, Texas

After perusing this volume of Genesis, I was made aware of the fact that this book  is not just a book about Genesis and how to interpret it, but it is a book filled with a treasure 
   of knowledge rarely found in one volume.  The tools you have provided will allow anyone studying this book to find information at his or her fingertips that will enrich his
   knowledge of God's Word and the subject at hand.  The index information you printed  in the book is also easy to find and especially helpful when looking for a specific topic in  the book.  
Dr. Ron Allen

The books are some of the best material  I've read and studied.  They fed me.  It has been a joy and blessing to study these books.  Thanks.
Pastor Mike Oldham, Sanford, North Carolina

Your work on Genesis is not only one of the finest commentaries on that particular text,  but the practical "life applications" for the believer's walk, especially as you relate the
   truth to other parts of Scripture are outstanding!  I urge every serious Bible student, teacher, and preacher to add this commentary to their library.                                          
Evangelist Dennis Erwin, Edgewood, Texas

have been reading and studying through Dr. Mattoon's Treasure series and I must say that they have truly been a blessing to me.  Not only do they contain a wealth of
   information but they have also helped me to study the Bible in a way that I had not before. Consequently, they have helped me in my own sermon preparation.  The Bible believing
   world has needed such resources.
Pastor Walter Myers, Maynard, MA

Dr. Mattoon....I just wanted to add a brief note to let you know how much I have    enjoyed your Treasures from Scripture Series.  I started with Joshua and then Judges and
   found them refreshing and informative.  Yours is the first commentary that I reach for in my studies.  I have, since the beginning, purchased each of your volumes as they have
   come out.  The topical studies in each book have been an added blessing.  Thank you  again for your diligent work.  
Pastor Dan Norton, Grace and Truth Bible Church, Hummelstown, PA.

In my library I have 34 books on Genesis.  Dr. Mattoon's wonderful work is unlike any  other and in my opinion in the first five.  It is filled with alliterated outlines that come
   from the text.  The applications are pungent and perhaps best of all this book is a wealth of information on traditions and customs of Bible times that I have read no where else. 
   I would encourage any pastor preaching from Genesis to be sure to purchase this work.  Your book on Judges has great titles, wonderful insights and exposition.
Dr. Joe Mark, Evangelist, Towanda, Illinois

Dear Dr. Mattoon.... Praise the Lord, you have written three more books.  It sure made  my day when I opened the mail and read the circular.  I have all the previous books you
   have done and they have been such a help and a blessing to me, not only in my ministry and teaching, but also in my own devotional reading and leisure time.  Thank you so much
   for dedicating the talent the Lord has given you in writing and may He continue to bless  you in this area and use you mightily in the days to come to produce some more fine
   commentaries.  They are a great addition to my library.  I highly recommend them to other  preacher friends.
Dr. Ernest Moore, Cumberland County Maranatha Baptist Church, Vineland, N.J.

Dr. Mattoon's commentaries are well outlined, sound in exposition and rich in practical application. In addition there are numerous topical studies in each volume.
This series is worth the investment.
Glen Spencer, Author of "The Expository Pulpit Series."

This is excellent material.  It is probably the most practical material for sermon preparation of anyone that I have read.  I highly recommend it for pastors.
Dr. Roy Edgemon, Former Director of Discipleship & Family Ministries for LifeWay Christian Resources, Author

Dr. Rod Mattoon has obviously searched the Scriptures in the production of the Treasures commentary series. Perusing these works will reveal the depth and breadth of his scholarship.
I recognize the value of this resource for students of the Bible. I heartily recommend it.
Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey, Pastor, Teacher, Mentor & Author of Sound Biblical Preaching :Giving the Bible a Voice

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